The world has become a noisy place, and therefore, despite the volume of information we have access to, keeping up with what’s happening is cumbersome. We built Crisp, earlier called Tenreads, to solve this problem of information overload.

We do this by surfacing the most important stories the world is talking about, right now. We think that a human race that keeps itself informed of what’s happening makes the world a better place to be. And that’s the world we are building.


Gokul Nath Sridhar, Founder, CEO

Gokul is a design-obsessed CEO who primarily focuses on Product at Crisp. He is insanely user-obsessed and acts as the voice of the user in the company. When he’s not playing around with pixels, you can find him reading books on a variety of things or going on long drives.

Sriram Murali Velamur, Chief Technology Officer

Sriram is responsible for all things tech at Crisp. He drives major architecture decisions and keeps the systems running. Outside the world of programming, he delves into philosophy with a freshly brewed cup of filter coffee (or kaapi as he likes to call it).

Manas Jayanth, Lead Engineer - Frontend

Manas is responsible for almost all of the user facing aspects of Crisp, including this very page. New technologies excite him, while finance and music are his gateways to life outside code. You can often find Gokul and Manas in heated design debates as Sriram and Santosh egg them on

Santosh Venkatraman, Product Engineer

Santosh works across the stack - handling Crisp's API on the backend with Sriram, building user-facing components on web and mobile with Manas, and working independently to build internal tools. Santosh also helps the office remain light with his quirky sense of humor. Off work, you can find him dabbling in theatre and stand-up comedy.

Sam Terence Roberts, Marketing and Growth

Sam is responsible for growing Tenreads’ reader-base across platforms. He makes sure the product churned out by the team reaches as many hands as possible. When he’s not working, you can find him bickering with Santosh, binge-watching popular TV shows, or reading fiction.


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